El Camino del Salvador

(León - Oviedo)

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 Note! This Camino is different from the others on this web-site, the direction of travel is from South to North, not East to West. It was used by those pilgrims who were on the Camino Francés at León and who wanted to see the C13th image of San Salvador (The Holy Saviour) and treasures located in the Camará Santa (Holy Chamber), of the Cathedral.

This deviation from the direct route was considered worthwhile because pilgrims visiting the Cathedral were awarded extra indulgences for their devotions.

"....Quien va a Santiago y no al Salvador, visita al criado y deja el Sénor...."


Itinerary....(Read from the bottom upwards)

Oviedo 127 kms
(Elevation 232 m)

Manzanada 120.48 kms

Mieres 111.05 kms

Ujo 102.73 kms

Pola de Lena 96.17 kms

Pajares 69.06 kms

Puerto de Pajares 59.68 kms
(Elevation 1378 m)

Poladura de la Tercia 52 kms

Busdongo (on road route)

Rodiezmo (on alternative route)

Buiza 39.65 kms

La Pola de Gordón 33.18 kms

La Robla 24.74 kms

Cascantes 18.68 kms

Cabanillas 17.23 kms

Carbajal de la Legua 8 kms

León Start 0 kms
(Elevation 837 m).



Note! Camino marked in yellow on map. Place names in cerise have pilgrim accommodation.

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