Santander - Carrión de los Condes

A Useful link from Santander to the Camino Francés in Carrión de los Condes

Although this route has been used by pilgrims in the past there is little evidence of this today, there is not the same sort of pilgrimage infrastructure that is found along the routes currently in vogue. It is however useful for the many cycling pilgrims who arrive at Santander on the Brittany Ferries Service from Plymouth or Portsmouth.

The distances for walkers are too great between the possible places where accommodation is available and they would be well advised to make use of the main railway line (RENFE) or bus ervices (ALSA et. al.) from Santander, to reach the Camino Francés at Fromista.

Cyclists who want to avoid the long climb to Reinosa can also make use of rail travel as there is a fairly frequent electric service to that town as part of the RENFE Cercanias network. Although there is a long climb up to Reinosa the road surface is good and now that that the A-67 motorway is open the roads themselves are relatively lightly used.

The final part of the journey from Herrera de Pisuerga goes cross-ountry and makes use of some quiet but beautifully engineered country roads across the rolling acres of wheat fields and similar crops. This section is very reminiscent of much of the Camino Francés as it crosses the high meseta


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Itinerary ...... Santander, Torrelavega, Los Carrales de Buelna, Moledo, Reinosa, Aguilar de Campoo, Alar del Rey, Herrera de Pisuerga, Callahora de Boedo, Castrillo de Villavega, Carrión de los Condes.

Places listed in Cerise have some accommodation (Not necessarily pilgrimage specific)